cracked pepper grilled cheese

one of the things I love about grilled cheese is that you can use basically any kind of cheese and any type of “extras”  and it’s going to taste really, really good. I mean, let’s be real:  what could possibly go wrong when we’re talking melted cheese in between two crispy, buttery pieces of bread? this afternoon, I decided to satisfy my craving and make a cracked pepper grilled cheese on fresh white bread with a side of sauteed plum tomatoes. I go pretty heavy on the butter, but I figure eating anything with a side of vegetables makes the meal healthy… right? enjoy! 


what you need:

grilled cheese:

  • two slices white bread
  • cracked pepper cheese, sliced into squares of even thickness 
  • butter

sauteed plum tomatoes: 

  • half dozen plum tomatoes 
  • olive oil 
  • salt and pepper to taste

how to make it:

cracked pepper grilled cheese:

  • coat both sides of each slice of bread in butter; be generous
  • in a skillet of frying pan over low-medium heat, place uncooked sandwich 
  • fry for 2-3 minutes, covered (I like to use the top of a pan to create a perfect cooking environment) 
  • flip sandwich, bread should be crispy and dark golden brown 
  • enjoy immediatley once cheese is melted and bread is cooked to your desired darkness

sauteed plum tomatoes:

  • lightly toss plum tomatoes with olive oil and salt and pepper 
  • on low-medium heat, saute until tomatoes are soft 

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